Luxi Solutions Group

Client List includes

  • Higher Education
  • Regional Healthcare
  • Nationwide Retail
  • Nationwide Finance
  • Federal, State and Local Government
  • Public Utilities

Our Clients

Luxi Solutions Group, LLC (LSG) is an independent telecom consulting company centrally located in St. Louis, Missouri, the Midwest. Our consultants are currently providing services to local and nationwide clients. The following is a snapshot of some current contracts and business industries we support:

Education K-12 and University– LSG has multiple contacts for services in this field. E-rate is a part-time job, but it takes all year to keep up with the changes and updates available to the school districts. This is a huge discounted network and hardware opportunity to keep our schools and children equipped with the best technologies. Another University client is changing from a standard voice platform service to VoIP and has multiple contracts with LSG.

Healthcare Multiple hospitals in the metro St. Louis area with additional sites in the region have contracted with LSG in order to ensure compliance with HIPAA/HITECH along with other telecom issues. A Contract for Account Review uncovered lost revenues and LSG was able to collect it for the clients. Since that time, LSG has expanded the service contracts to include many other areas of need. Security and Disaster Recovery Planning are our next projects.

Retail – LSG manages network and hardware changes for multiple retail chains implementing quality assurance measurements for their stores. We project manage each store’s requirements with their telephone vendors, coordinate test and turn up and maintain detailed records before, during and after the conversion in order to return the client’s store to its original arrangement if required.

Finance LSG assists our nationwide client with billing, network and contractual requirements and work with their many vendors as they continue to expand. We support a large IT group with a wide range of LSG services and work diligently to correct errors uncovered by our regular account review and credit negotiation process. We also initiate escalation issues and resolve service outages to contain hardships that not only affect our client financially but interfere with their ability to serve their clients effectively.

Federal, State and Local GovernmentLSG’s consultants have extensive years working within the government sectors. We are aware of the unique situations that must be incorporated into any technology solution and the extreme cost cutting that is presently slicing into their budgets. We have partnered with them to keep the highest level of service available at the lowest cost.

Public Utilities LSG has consultants that have been working with all public utility providers for over 20 years- Electric, Natural Gas, Water, Sewer, and Cable TV. All of these service providers have special requirements (SCATA) and complex service needs. And they have an obligation to provide uninterrupted service to their communities. While they have cost concerns, they have to be using the most reliable technologies to keep the services they provide up and running.

LSG is focused on providing exceptional service and will make every effort to exceed your expectations.

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