Luxi Solutions Group

Client List includes

  • Higher Education
  • Regional Healthcare
  • Nationwide Retail
  • Nationwide Finance
  • Federal, State and Local Government
  • Public Utilities

RFP Negotiation

Luxi Solutions Group (LSG) consultants have years of experience in understanding  current telecom requirements and assist in identifying  technology solutions for the future needs of your company.  We will work with your organization to develop a request for proposal and obtain, review and recommend a solution and pricing customized for your company.

LSG has years of expertise in:

  • Writing technical Request For Proposal (RFP), Request For Information (RFI) and Request For Quote (RFQ) for our clients
  • Responding to RFP’s  with a complete solution that includes network, hardware, software and maintenance
  • Evaluating and selecting RFP’s with clients
  • Negotiating clauses to protect the clients’ interests and business operations

The RFP process can be short and fast, but for most clients it is extremely long and cumbersome.  Since today’s networks are so complex and end user groups have so many different requirements it typically requires  your internal telecom resources to gather all the information of the current network and make the decision to migrate to a new proposed platform.

LSG offers a Contact for RFP Negotiation and is equipped to handle this process for your company.  We know what decisions your telecom organization has made throughout the RFP processes and will ensure you get the expected results as agreed to in the RFP negotiations.  We are also experienced in working within M&A organizations.

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