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Account Review

In today’s business organizations the boundaries between Telecommunications and IT are fading. But, telecom network charges are a still a major business expense.   The current economic environment requires fewer employees on the payroll to be more effective and productive through the use of technology in the office and at remote locations.

It is easy to overlook charges for services, month after month, that you no longer need or use or may be billed incorrectly.  If an adequate review process is not in place in your organization, charges for services that are no longer used can be a huge unidentified monthly expense, if left unchecked.

LSG offers a Contract for Account Review customized for our clients with large networks.  You will have a telecom expense manager review all charges and contact the network provider for all refunds on your behalf.  The revenues found by LSG can now be used for future telecom projects.

LSG consultants have years of experience with telephone company bills.   Our consultants can read and understand Universal Service Order Codes (USOCs) and all cost components that are defined by a State’s Intra-LATA, Inter-LATA, and Federal Tariffs (FCC).

Our consultants have complete knowledge of:

Voice Services –

  • Business lines (POTS), Long Distance Carrier Codes (PICS) and features like Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and many others
  • Key and PBX Systems, Centrex
  • Analog and Digital PBX Trunks and Terminals, Direct-Inward-Dialing (DID) Numbering Plans, ACD, UCD, Hunt Arrangements
  • Primary Rate ISDN (PRI), SIP, IP Trunks
  • Contracts for multi-year agreements
  • Long Distance

Data Services –

  • Analog and Digital Special Circuits that are dial-up (Switched), dedicated point-to-point, or multi-point and all associated mileage charges
  • Broadband Services that are dial-up (Switched), dedicated point-to-point, or multi-point WAN, MAN, Ethernet, OC#, Cloud Computing, VPN and MPLS locations with Tariff rates, Master Service Agreement Contract or Individual Case Basis (ICB)
  • Carrier provided services and terms for contract agreements

LSG professional consultants have the knowledge and expertise to perform these activities in a timely manner to ensure any lost revenues are recovered.

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